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1.Title:   Alberta’s Unsung Heroines
2. Authors:
  • Izabella Orzelski - Konikowski
  • Bogdan Koral - Konikowski
  • Susan Rogers
3. Illustrators:
  • Izabella Orzelski - Konikowski
  • Bogdan Koral - Konikowski
4. Price:   $15
5. ISBN:   0-9737968-0-4
6. Number of pages:   64
7. Number of illustrations:   14
8. Edition:   1st edition
9. Grade level (age):   7 (12) and up
10. Publisher:   ARTIZA LTD., 8011-75th. Street, Edmonton, AB, T6C 2G6
11. Publication date:   July, 2005


This book celebrates the lives of twelve remarkable women. They are truly heroines because they have met life’s challenges with courage and compassion. Their stories include tales of heartbreak, joy and bittersweet circumstances. They face adversity with strength and determination, always thinking of others before themselves.

 Unsung Heroines is illustrated by striking portraits of each woman painted by Izabella Orzelski- Konikowski and Bogdan Koral-Konikowski. The idea for this book came from the work of these two artists. They wanted to acknowledge the contributions that these women have made to the lives of others. Their lively paintings capture the positive spirit of these women. 

 The book will appeal to people who enjoy reading about true lives. The women featured in the book span the ages from 30 to 80. Their experiences include coping with war, illness, betrayal, racism and immigration. When they encountered suffering these women acted. Some have traveled far, others have stayed close to home. Some women were born into adverse situations, some faced hardships as adults. Their approach to life will inspire readers.

We all need heroines in our lives. These stories ask readers to think about.

 The book will also appeal to the ESL students; the stories are short (2-4 pages) and written in an easy to read language.

6 out of the 12 Heroines are first generation immigrants to Canada. 


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